A downloadable asset pack

Give your materials an individual color tint and let them look special.


  • Supports all Platforms and Unity Versions
  • Extremly easy to use
  • Extremly big variety of possible usage


If you got any questions, ideas, suggestions, bugfixes, integrations with other assets or anything other just contact our asset support at https://narrenschlag.weebly.com/unity-asset-support.html

Plug 'n' Play

Just import it and that's it.  Enjoy!

Why have we created this asset?

As we started with Unity a few years ago we wanted to create a RPG but because we had nearly zero experience with code we tried to find the components in the asset store of unity but there was nothing for simple but essential features that was worth it's price and didn't need countless hours of learning how the system works at all.

So we decided to create our own tools a few weeks ago. This is an EXTRA asset which is very good for customizing for example hairs and skin colors. Just make sure that your base material is pretty white so the color tint works good.

You don't need to backup your project because the package works as standalone.

Install instructions

Just import it and attach it to the GameObject you want to tint the color.


MaterialColorTint.cs 494 bytes