A downloadable asset pack

Tired of complexe dialogue systems? Looking for a alternative which is easy to understand and to advance? Then take a look at Better Dialogue.


  • Supports all Platforms and Unity Versions
  • Extremly easy to use
  • Unlimited Potentials even for starters
  • Mobile friendly


If you got any questions, ideas, suggestions, bugfixes, integrations with other assets or anything other just contact our asset support at https://narrenschlag.weebly.com/unity-asset-support.html

Plug n' Play

Just import it, follow the short steps in the enclosed readme file and that's it.  Enjoy!

Why have we created this asset?

As we started with Unity a few years ago we wanted to create a RPG but because we had nearly zero experience with code we tried to find the components in the asset store of unity but there was nothing for dialogues which was worth it's price and didn't need countless hours of learning how the system works at all.

So we decided to create our own tools a few weeks ago. This is the first asset of our RPG series for Unity. It allows starters to understand complexe code and setup a well made dialogue. It's also nice for experienced coders because you can add events via the event system where you just create some events and drag and drop them in the awnsers.

It's extremly easy to modify. We can only recommend to customize the UI. There is so much potential! You can customize the look of the awnsers, the types of awnsers and the complete rest of the UI.

You don't need to backup your project because the package works as standalone but can be plugged into other scripts aswell!


In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 0.90€ EUR. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Better Dialogue 1.02 - [Unity Package] 233 kB

Development log