This is game was created from scratch in 42 hours by 2 persons of which only one was able to really work on it. We continue the development so give a lot of feedback(god AND BAD!!!) and maybe you will be a proud winner of a character or weapon or upgrade dedicated to you! Enjoy 👇


Once upon a time the world was normal, everybody lived their lifes as normal as in our world but than a young magician learned how to controll the time and stole all of the lifetime of the people surrounding him and gave it to himself. This made him immortal to aging and with that he could kill anybody by just stealing their remaining lifetime. Since then the currency changed from gold to lifetime so the richest become immortal while the young folk gives their lifetime away to survive.

But after 500 years of suppression and slavery a band of young heroes set themselves the goal to otherthrow the necromancer of lifetime to free the world of his greedy hands.


E - Pickup Equipment on the ground WASD - Movement Left Mousebutton - Attack Middle Mousebutton - Switch weapons if you have more than one(max 2)


\/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/

[What will be done next?]

We will work on the AI because this one is just doing it’s job to attack and kill the player… Most of the time. So we will improve it!
We’ll add bossfights and a story so you have a goal.
We’ll work on more and better graphics
We’ll add a map generator and maybe a custom map maker to spawn bosses and enemies to kill for fun!