Some personal stuff about the project

This is not my first gamejam but I am extremly proud of what th game has become! It became really close! Thanks a lot to my sound designer Robert Laneganker! He made the amazing music and sounds for the project. Thank you soooo much man! :)


The theme was only one so I came up with the idea of a warrior who can only wear one part of equipment at the time. That makes the game feel a lot more realistic.

Because without bags you cant have a bigger inventory!


You wake as up as an unknow warrior. The vargr(old norse tongue for "beast" or "wolf"). Now you have to make your way out of the prison high in the clouds!


  • Coding Max Scheck                                  Visual Studio Code
  • Leveldesign Max Scheck                                Unity
  • Art Max Scheck                                              Asesprite
  • Sounds and Music Gil H. Steinberg