A downloadable asset pack for Windows, macOS, and Linux

I've recently seen a very ambitious voxel game by @PylonAnimations. Because I love voxel-art myself and there aren't any "voxel-based" tools to animate them in the Unity-engine I created VOXEL SMITH!

It's working like the animation in a spritesheet like the ones you use when your create 2d games. But for this you can use your voxel models.

>>>>>PLUG'N'PLAY   -   This project is part of my "plug'n'play" series and doesn't need any api or something. Just import it and use it. It doesn't disturb any other assets or project settings.

Install instructions

  1. Download and import into Unity
  2. Take a look at the Example scene
  3. Create an own Animation via 'Create>Narrenschlag>Voxels>Animation'
  4. Have fun with the system
  5. Leave feedback!!! :)


VoxelSmith.unitypackage 140 kB