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2D Parkour Template



This template features:

  • Movement 
  • Jumping
  • Wall-jumping
  • Sliding down Walls
  • Better Jump Physics -> Hold to jump higher
  • Sliding
  • Attack and Action System
  • Enemy System
  • Sample Boss
  • Main Menu
  • Loading Screen System
  • Achievement System
  • Multiple Scene Support
  • Camera Events
  • Health System with Game Over Screen
  • Footstep System
  • Impact System
  • Unity 5+ support
  • more to come!



You are free to use this system in any way you want and as many projects as you want. You don't have to mention me.
BUT don't sell the template itself as your own!

This asset is not a full game!
It gives you the basics to build on. A template.

Graphical Assets used are aviable for free here: https://jesse-m.itch.io/jungle-pack | https://rvros.itch.io/animated-pixel-hero | https://deadmadman.itch.io/rushroom-platformer-asset-pack


Buy Now24.95€ EUR or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 24.95€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

v1.12.unitypackage 593 kB
v1.32.unitypackage 759 kB
v3.0.unitypackage 278 kB
v3.1.unitypackage 602 kB
v3.2.unitypackage 711 kB

Development log


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Any more updates coming to this or no?

Yeah there are big updates incomming for this and the dialogue system as soon as I passed my exams in the next 2 weeks! :) 

Any suggestions for features? 


ah perfect gonna pick this up then!

as for features probably a bow and arrow would be cool and maybe a different sword of some type you can pickup and drop I guess 

Ah yes. A distance attack is an awesome idea! 

Kind of deadscells? 

Also wait until I do the Update sell that comes with every new Update! :) 


Yeah like deadcells!!

Nah it's ok i like your work and would rather support you at this price plus wanna dive into what's already here!

Deleted 1 year ago

Yes, it contains the Better Jump-Feature since Version v3.1!

You can modify all values easily by changing them in the unity inspector window of your Player script! :)