A free low poly tent asset with a fireplace and a sleeping bag
A free 3d gamready highlander/longsword asset for your game.
A free 3d gamready revolver asset for your shooter game.
The powerful skilltree system which's only limit is your imagination!
The free but still very powerful skilltree system comes with the basic systems of skilltrees
Animate your voxels like you animate with spritesheets but using 3d models from for example Magicka Voxel
This is the original version of lifeline warriors that was submitted at the end of the jam!
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Top down action shooter from "Ludum Dare 44". Leave Feedback to get an ingame item dedicated to you!
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Give your materials an individual color tint and let them look special.
Ever wanted a cheat console in your game as complex as in for example skyrim? Than this is your dream!
The best solution for adding multi-language support to your game!
A very easy to setup and use but complex dialogue system for Unity3D!

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